Your hub for effective Power BI, DAX, and Power Query training courses from a Microsoft MVP.


Power BI – Beginner

Learn the basics of Power BI. Fast-paced learning to kick off your Power BI journey!


Power BI – Intermediate

Take your Power BI skills one step further by mastering some more difficult topics.


DA-100 Exam Prep – Power BI Certification

This mega-course covers every topic of the DA-100 Power BI Certification Exam.


Alteryx – Beginner

Nathan Patrick Taylor will teach you everything you need to know about Alteryx Designer, a robust and trending data tool.


DAX – Beginner

The Ultimate DAX Beginner Course! Fast-paced learning to kick off your DAX journey.


SQL Reporting – Beginner

Learn how to write effective and precise SQL queries to answer data questions!