June 2021 Contest: Crypto Price Analysis

Cryptocurrency Price Analysis!

In this competition, contestants connected to a live SQL database containing historical crypto price and volume data for 57 coins! This database has data for every minute since the coin was listed. The dataset was large and challenging, and produced some amazing Power BI reports!

The winning report authors received:

  1. Free month off of your BI Elite Training subscription.
  2. Permanent place on the contest page with your name, report, and contact information for future development opportunities.
  3. Demo of your report on the BI Elite YouTube channel!

Winning Report #1

by Sean Chandler

Thoughts from the BI Elite team:

I absolutely love the first page. The quick informative section is nice and the hover cards that double as navigation buttons are masterful! The overall design of the report is really nice to look at. I navigated to the second tab and thought "this is great. It provides a good deal of information." Then I noticed just how many measures Sean added to the dynamic metric slicer. Wow!

The slicer panel on the left side is excellent! I didn't notice it at first because it's so subtle, but I love it this way as it takes such little report space. Every visual element on this report seems to be polished, like the little hover effect on the "Apply Filters & Hide" button.

The Scenario Builder tab is excellent as well, especially the way Sean is only showing the first and last data label, color coded appropriately. There is not a single piece of advice or negative feedback that I have for this submission. Overall, what a wonderful report. Definitely deserving of a top spot.

Sean's Contact Info:

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/seanmchandler/

Winning Report #2

by Rafael Albuquerque

Thoughts from the BI Elite team:

One of my favorite reports because of the design choices as well as the extra data that Rafael brought into the report and the understanding of crypto specifics. This report is actually something that a crypto enthusiast would want to go back to over and over to research cryptocurrencies.

I think the moving averages as dashed lines is brilliant. They provide great info without grabbing too much attention. The entire visual section on the first tab is masterfully done. I had to take the PBIX apart to realize that Rafael is layering a line chart, bar chart, and a timebrush slicer custom visual to create the 3-piece visual, though it's so polished that it feels like a single entity.

The addition of the CoinGecko and Lunar Crush links were a great touch on both tabs. The table is clean and easy to understand. I think this report is a masterpiece. Awesome job, Rafael!

Winning Report #3

by Kyle Debernardi

Thoughts from the BI Elite team:

I love so many things about this report. I recommend viewing each tab, especially the legendary DOGE page. I've already spent a long time crunching through the "Hindsight is 2020" page and regretting every buy/sell decision I've ever made. The conditional formatting on the bar chart is such a cool feature that clearly puts the price action into perspective.

The logos in the tables/chiclet slicers are a nice touch as well. Candlestick chart is great. The overall design of the report is great. Everything is great. Kyle was even able to pull off using Comic Sans font in a legitimate report, so bonus points there! Amazing report that's definitely worth a read. Great work, Kyle!

Kyle's Contact Info:

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/kyledebernardi/>

Honorable Mentions

Incredibly clean and thorough report by Marek Regulski. View the full report.

Insightful and stylish submission from Martin Juel Nielsen. View the full report.

Beautiful report with advanced time intelligence from Federico Pastor. View the full report.

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