Contest #3: World Happiness

World Happiness Analysis Competition

Participants connected to this amazing dataset comparing happiness (and other metrics) in nations across the world! Below are the winning reports from this competition.

The winning report authors receive:

  1. Free month off of your BI Elite Training subscription.
  2. Permanent place on the contest page with your name, report, and contact information for future development opportunities.
  3. Demo of your report on the BI Elite YouTube channel!

Winning Report #1

by Juan Pedro Martinez

Thoughts from the BI Elite team:

Juan Pedro knocked it out of the park with this one! There are so many little details that I love about this report. I recommend playing around with the report to discover some of the hidden secrets 🙂

Firstly, the navigation is extremely clean. There are three buttons on the home page to allow the user to choose where to start the discovery. The Summary page lays out the general information in an easy-to-understand way. Take note how Juan Pedro includes a navigation bar across the top of the report, and there is even a sub-navigation bar for this Summary tab.

The "Summary Detail" tab is probably my favorite of the report. This page features a great report page tooltip showing both happiness and ranking for both the region and country level. Click on the little table icon in the top right which opens up a tabular view of the data. I'm truly impressed by the last column on the right table, which allows the user to compare the happiness ranking of a country vs a selected year! This is an awesome dynamic feature.

The "Map" and "Analytics" tab offer a deeper breakdown of the data. This report features the ArcGIS map which looks very nice, though doesn't render in a public report, unfortunately. To wrap up this review, I love all of the different visuals used on the Analytics tabs. The clustering, violin plots, and waterfall charts are perfect. And Juan Pedro even added a Play-Axis Slicer (my personal favorite) to let the user animate the scatter charts 🙂

Absolutely great report, Juan Pedro!

Juan Pedro's Contact Info:


Winning Report #2

by Kyle Debernardi

Thoughts from the BI Elite team:

Kyle put together an awesome report this month! It's obvious that he put in a TON of time, not only on the visual side, but by bringing in extra datasets to complement the contest dataset. This demonstrates a deep level of analysis that most developers might not think to perform. Let's dive in:

The home page provides a great overview of the metrics analyzed in later tabs, helping the user to understand the data. The navigation is great throughout the report, with the extra detail to highlight the current page. Check out the "By Energy Price" tab, which demonstrates the first alternate dataset that Kyle included in the report. This dataset includes oil and natural gas prices by country, to see if these factors might be correlated with a country's happiness.

Similarly, the "By Water Resources" tab depicts how access to clean water (extra dataset) correlates with both sanitation and a country's happiness. The correlation is unmistakable!

There's a ton more I could say about this report, but I'll finish off with the Python visuals that Kyle included. They won't render in the public report above, so I'll add pictures below. These python visuals show the distribution of various metrics by country. The specific visual is a great choice because it shows all of the countries in a single visual, which would not be the case in a bar chart, for example. The addition of Python visuals again demonstrates a deeper level of analysis that a lot of Power BI developers will appreciate 🙂

Kyle's Contact Info:


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