Contest #2: Spotify Analysis

Spotify Music Analytics Competition

Participants connected to a dataset containing over 160,000 songs! This dataset contained numerous categories and features to visualize with data points over the last 100 years.

The winning report authors receive:

  1. Free month off of your BI Elite Training subscription.
  2. Permanent place on the contest page with your name, report, and contact information for future development opportunities.
  3. Demo of your report on the BI Elite YouTube channel!

Winner Announcement Video

Winning Report #1

by Michal Bicki

Thoughts from the BI Elite team:

This report might be one of the best I've ever seen for small-scale analysis. With a relatively limited dataset, Michał was able to spin up an engaging report with many bells and whistles that make the report extremely fun to interact with. My favorite parts were :

1) The hover effects on the buttons on the first page. This is a nice touch that makes the report feel alive.
2) I love that this report presents the correlations as a guide to making a popular song. It feels very engaging, as if the report is speaking directly to you.
3) The Spotify music player widget on the song detail page is amazing! If you haven't found this yet, drill all the way down until you're looking at a single song. In the top-right, there will be a music player that plays a 30-second clip of the selected song!

Really, this report is awesome. Amazing job by Michał!

Winning Report #2

by Bhanuka Kirinde

Thoughts from the BI Elite team:

Overall, this report is extremely well done. I love the color contrast against the dark background. Everything really pops. Potentially my favorite part of this report is the "Smart Music Finder" which is a full page dedicated to letting the user interact with slicers with the end goal of recommending songs. It's done very nicely.

Two other areas where this report excels are 1) Navigation and 2) Visual Focus. The entire report is easy to navigate with navigation buttons on the first page and "home" buttons on every other page. I also really like that on the more advanced pages, only a single, large visual is displayed. This makes the user focus all of their attention on a single chart which really drives the point through. Very well done, Bhanuka!

Winning Report #3

by Roman Singele

Thoughts from the BI Elite team:

The thing I like the most about Roman's report is its ease of understanding. The first page has some high-level metrics along with a trend of the dynamically selected metrics. I absolutely love that as you change your selection, the selected metric definition is explained as well, ensuring that the reader understands what they're looking at.

The report looks great with a nice contrast. The report page tooltip when hovering over the line chart on the first page is impressive as well! On the second tab, the "Mood" slicer was a hilarious and creative use of emojis. The final piece of this report that truly makes it a winner is the "Song details" tab. If you haven't already, drill all the way down to a single song. This page is laid out wonderfully to provide some details in an appealing way, and you can also click the big button in the middle to play the song directly on Spotify! That's an amazing touch that tied this report together.

Truly amazing work, Roman!

Roman's Contact Info:


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