Contest #1: Google Analytics

Google Analytics Competition

Participants connected to live, real-world website tracking data from Google Analytics and created stunning Power BI reports.

The winning report authors receive:

  1. Free month off of your BI Elite Training subscription.
  2. Permanent place on the contest page with your name, report, and contact information for future development opportunities.
  3. Demo of your report on the BI Elite YouTube channel!

Winner Announcement Video

Winning Report #1

by Wusi Fan

Thoughts from the BI Elite team:

This report is clean and simple on the surface but also delivers deep insights via its drill-down pages. Each "Dig Deeper" page allows you to perform another level of analysis that many Power BI developers might not think to incorporate into a report. For example, digging deeper into the trend section... not only has Wusi added dynamic metrics (which is a great touch by itself), but Wusi also visualized metrics by continent and hour of day. This visualization made a huge impression to me as the data owner as it clearly and definitively painted the picture of when users are active across the globe!

Overall, great report that successfully walks the line between "easy to absorb" and "show me the insights!" Great job, Wusi!

Wusi's Contact Info:


Winning Report #2

by Michał Bicki

Thoughts from the BI Elite team:

Wow! This beautiful report combines a simplistic style with immense detail and polish! It's clear that Michał has an eye for detail and provides top-tier report development. We liked that Michał used the BI Elite logo color as the base theme of the report. On top of that, we found it extremely user-friendly that the report has consistent color-coding for the main metrics. Overall, I would be extremely happy to receive this report if I had contracted the development out to a consultant.

One final note: I need to take a second to commend Michał for the use of the HTML Viewer on the "Posts" tab. What a great way to show the individual web pages! Awesome job!

Winning Report #3

by Bill Skelley

Thoughts from the BI Elite team:

We love the level of detail that Bill incorporated into this report! With 7 tabs full of insights, I learned so much about my own website data! If you take a minute to walk through each tab, you can see the amount of thinking that Bill put into each visual. I could possibly go on forever about the items that stood out to me, but I'll just list a few:

  • I love the AI features (Smart Narratives, clustering).
  • Forecasting was a nice touch.
  • Great use of custom visuals! Love the stock market scroller and box plots.
  • It’s obvious the Bill performed a large amount of data preparation on the backend (parsing the hour of day, grouping into Early AM, AM, Afternoon, etc.).
  • The final page of insights via plain text was a great way to put a bow on it.

Bill did a wonderful job preparing such an in-depth analysis of this data in a short period of time. I’ll be looking over this report to further understand my website performance in the future!

Bill's Contact Info:


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